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Embedded World 2015 - Preview

Embedded World 2015 is just one week away, but what to see?



All the major FPGA manufactures will be exhibiting at Embedded World (in alphabetical order): Altera (Hall 5 – Stand 277), Lattice Semiconductor (Hall 4A – Stand 424), Microsemi (Hall 4 – Stand 140) and Xilinx (Hall 1 – Stand 209).

Xilinx and their partners will have five vision demos ( There will also be a demo of a 3-level, 10kW inverter with SiC MOSFETs controlled by a Zynq FPGA ( from QDESYS.

Altera will have a video processing demo based on OpenCL (

If you need to quickly design a system around an FPGA (like Xilinx Zynq or Altera SoC), there will be many SoM manufacturers exhibiting.


Internet of Things (IoT) will be the leitmotif of Embedded World this year: from components (microprocessors, wireless modules) to turnkey hardware modules, from embedded software to cloud services.

Cumulocity (Hall 4A – Stand 520F) is an IoT platform provider. It enables simple and fast creation of IoT cloud based applications. Stefan Vaillant, Cumulocity CTO, will be the presenter of the talk “There are so many to choose from: Which IoT protocol to use?”

Two sessions of the Embedded World conference will be dedicated to IoT security.

Riscure (Hall 4 – Stand 306) is an international and independent security test laboratory specialised in evaluating and testing the security of smart cards and embedded devices.

PikeOS is a highly secure real time OS for IoT application by Kaspersky Lab (Hall 4 – Stand 171).

New technologies or devices

ST (Hall 5 – Stand 280) will present the STM32 F7, the first microcontroller with the ARM Cortex-M7 core. There will be several presentations at their booth (

1066 labs (Hall 4A – Stand 518) develops vision enhancement tools. There isn’t much information on their website, but it looks interesting and worth a visit at their booth.

Do you need a GPS module? U-blox (Hall 1 – Stands 229 and 321) will show the smallest multi-GNSS module.


And after a long day at the exhibition, what about a nice cocktail? Cocktail mixer 2.0 (Hall 4 – Stand 441) from b1 Engineering Solutions.


Are you interested in what Starware Design can do for you? Get in touch! I will be at Embedded World all three days. See contact info on the main page or send me a message on twitter @vitmatteo or @starwaredesign.


Disclaimer: Starware Design Ltd is not affiliated with any of the cited companies.